My gaming career


I am 30 years old, live in Germany and I love playing video games. 
My first gaming experience I remember were The Great Giana Sisters and Donald Duck's Playground on Amiga/C64.
Then not long after that, my brother got a Game Boy and we had games like Tetris, Super Mario Land, Yoshi's Cookie and Dr. Mario
One Christmas after that, I got a Super Nintendo :D It came with Super Mario World and an adapter that lets you play Game Boy games on the Super Nintendo. I also played games like Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Terranigma, The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Goof Troop, The Magical Quest of Mickey Mouse and many more. 
Many years later I was able to buy my first PC :D Didn't really play many games at the start. Casual games like Shanghai Mahjong and card games mostly but I also discovered the Heroes of Might and Magic series, woot woot. 
A while later I bought myself a PlayStation and that is when my big passion for Final Fantasy IX began. Even though I played it through many times, I never really finished all the side quests. I also tried Final Fantasy VII and VIII but I never really liked those. Final Fantasy X was good, played it through once. I tried Final Fantasy X-2 but I didn't like it much. 
I've played several MMO's. My first one was Silkroad Online, which was also where I met the love of my life <3. The one I played the longest was World of Warcraft. I played it for 7 years. I was the leader of a very successful social/raiding guild. When I stopped playing WoW, I gave the leadership of the guild to one of the officers and the guild is still active and successful. Other MMO's I played were Aion, Allods, Cabal onlineGuild Wars, RiftTera and Hero online. Currently I am playing WildStar, our guild is on the server Orias.
Besides MMO's I also play other types of games like HearthstoneLeague of Legends, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm. I have a big collection of games on Steam, it would be too much to name them all. Here is a list of games I played the most from my steam collection Hero Academy, Might and Magic 6, Sims 3, Dungeon Defenders, Plants vs. Zombies, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Portal 2.  

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